PLASTIC CONVEYOR COP-103, with a range of 3kW to 11kW, is used for applications with a machine capacity of 500-3000 kg/h and a maximum distance of 100 m. Equipped with vacuum pump with cartridge filter element and directional valve set for raw materials. The compact size makes it easy to install and connect to production systems. Suitable for installation on injection molding machines, blowers for materials such as PP, PE, ABS ... The material dividing line is divided into 3 lines to supply materials for 3 machines to reduce investment costs, save space. factory. Effective operation and simple maintenance regime will meet the production line of the factory.

● The engine requires without maintenance

● Noise level is lower than 75 dB (A)

● High filtration efficiency

● Quick and simple filter cleaning operation

● A vertical design solution that requires less floor space